Tetrahedron Planter

Meet the Tetrahedron Planter. This planter is exquisite for any room to make a statement.

Our planters are cast in 3 main colours and sizes.

  1. Bone white
  2. Mid grey 
  3. Charcoal


  • W: 340 H: 680
  • W: 440 H: 780
  • W: 540 H: 880

More colours are obtainable with oxides/dyes. If you prefer another colour let us know and we can make it happen for you.

The planters are further handcrafted to either achieve a Terrazzo finish or polished to a gloss finish, then treated with a UV stable sealer.

An optional galvanised and powder coated metal base, rises the pot of the ground to house a drip tray.

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